California Blood Cleanup

Homicide - Suicide - Unattended Death with Decomposition


Sacramento as a legal fiction crafted by European and Brithish law makers serves as capitol to a megaforce, California. Although recently rendered pennyless on the books, we still need to remember where this great state does its central law making, Sacramento.


Just a short ten years ago I passed through Sacramento and found pleasure in its serene landsape and Romanesque builngs. Of course the modern version buildings also serve Sacramento, and they too add a beauty of thie own to this town with character and history. Before going further, though, it's important to look at this regions geographical past for a more wholistic view of Sacramento's growth and history.

During the late Paleozoic Era (543 to 248 Million Year4s Ago), Northern California hosted an inland sea. As millions of years passed the sea receded. After millions of years its first volcanoes began to appear. We should connect those geographical dots between our Northern California mountain range and ancient volcanoes and Mount Saint Helens in Washington State; for an airplane flight from San Francisco to Sacramento reveal a line of such volcanoes, all apparently related.

A pre-Sierran mountain range once stoood as high as 15,000 feet. Over millions of years these monstrous moutains eroded while slowly casting sedimentary, volcanic, and metamorphic rock onto the below valley floor.


Now here's one of the geographical keys to Sacramento's place in civilization. As natural stone and sand covered the valley floors, gold-bearing deposits found their way into this mix. Volcanic explosions, faulting, and today's Sierra Nevada Mountains began to rise, roughly 10 million years ago. Mineralized quartz joined the parade of nature beauty minerals.

Sea Change Number Two

Now a second flood created another inland sea in Northern California. This occurred during the Creataceous period, 60-95 million years ago. As usual, erosion followed the sea's departure and a couple miles of erosion from the Sierras exposed gold-bearing beins. Then as luck would have it, for 25 million years or so gold slowly rolled downhill to almost all streambeds in the Mother Lode.

River channels created during the Tertiary period (65 to 1.8 millon years ago) conveniently created channels as volcanic lava and mud flowes opened up to the pressures of mountain run off.

Anthropologists and paleontologists estimate that early Californians arrived about twenty thousand years ago. Some of their history came to light durinig the California gold rush as miners dug into the earth. According to one auther, a human skull found at 300 feet in a mining tunnel gives us an idea that early humans chased gold, too.

Jedediah S. Smith became the first gringo to travel into California; he also became the first gringo to discover gold in California.




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Sea Chane One - Sea Change Two


Local government employees monopolize crime scene cleanup, especially some sheriff-coroner's employees.  Those with crime scene cleanup contacts are probably chillers. Government employee referred companies screw grieving families.

"Facts are such silly little things." "Don't be afraid to see what you see." Ronald Reagan

County Government Cronyism

Just like Moscow, Tijuana, and Washington DC, county governments have their cronyism, too. I use Orange County, California's sheriff-coroner and public administrator's cronyism for my examples.

Without common decency, a few county employees reflect the worse criminal conduct in government employment. Given an opportunity, they will mislead bereaved families. They send these families to corrupt crime scene cleanup companies. Companies in the business of paying kickbacks for these opportunities to cheat families. At times, these employees own the corrupt company. The depravity of cronyism in coroner, medical examiner, county administrator office, and fire departments exceeds drug dealers criminality. They, at least, do not nurse on our government's tax payers.

Also, people who buy from drug dealers have a choice. Victims of county cronyism have no choice. County employees ensure victims' families enrich corruption employees. After all, these employees ware badges, stinking badges.

We have a war on drugs, silence about cronyism.

 Cronyism's Signs

Do people in Orange County still use the Internet?


A Disconnect

By reading this piece the reader will understand that a disconnect exists between Orange County's grieving residents on the one hand, and free enterprise cleaning companies on the other hand. County employees direct these families away from free enterprise, the open market for crime scene cleaners.

I'd have more business than I could possibly handle if families reached the Internet. I suppose that I would need two warehouses for equipment, too. Families guided by county employees ensure that honest companies receive little to zero business. This goes on year after year.

Visit this Orange County Consumer Fraud page for more information.

Cronyism's Signs

A high Internet marketing footprint returns few or no local calls for cleaning service -- my experience.


When a double homicide and suicide occur, or other type of multiple, violent deaths, high price tags lead to county employee competition for these choice cleaning jobs. This becomes an administrator employee's golden goose when they land an Orange County Probate Court assignment. See Mr. Mull's incriminating comments for proof of misleading directions. I do not receive opportunities to bid on these, ever.



County employees, including county fire and law enforcement personnel play a role in this. A violent homicide, violent suicide, or decomposition following an unattended death cleanup comes with high price tags when the homes belong to middle-class families. Three-car garages tip off cronies to high profit, low-risk insurance fraud possibilities. At times in Orange County, and probably other counties, husband and wife crony teams gang up on bereaved families. There's no way for these families to learn that their county contacts are using them as commodities to sell corrupt claiming companies.

What about local government employees?

The number of crony employees working in any county government department must remain a fraction of the employee population. The more employees aware of cronyism, the greater the risk of exposure. Besides, the more in the know, the more with their hands out for a payoff.

County employees "circle the wagons" when an imagined threat from outside their cubicles threatens the status-quo. Most working adults have a sense for this pride in place.

Also, new employees are at risk of intimidation by cronies with seniority, rank, and privilege. Older employees go-along-to-get-along.

In Orange County whistle blowers become "rats" in the midst of those they expose because few employees receive termination notices.

Last, I was assured by the Orange County Deputy Coroner that no consequences would be suffered by any employees caught giving preferential treatment to private companies.

This meant to me no risk attaches to cronyism in the coroner's office.

The point? We cannot trust county employees, top to bottom. Again, these dishonest employees represent a tiny fraction of our county employees. It takes only a few to turn government into an anti-democratic, social structure.

We face a future like third-world countries. Will anyone help stop this slide into crony capitalism?

Eddie Evans

Crime Scene Cleanup



Gold - Gold has its origins in stars going through a super nova. As the star's inward pressures grow with increased gravitational pressures, gold, lead, and platinum to name a few, arise as vast quantities of minerals and heat react to monumental pressures. So it's to super novas that we look for gold's origins and its rareness in a Universe rich in other metals. (return to gold)