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Homicide - Suicide - Unattended Death with Decomposition

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Blood cleanup content found on this web site will relate to cleaning as well as theories related to homicide and suicide. More academic and practical writing related to blood cleanup and homicide will be found at More involved narratives on cronyism in Orange Blood will also be found.

I have tried for a number of years to break up the cronyism in California's sheriff-coroner departments, but it's too much for one person. There's no way that alone I can help stop coroner employees from sending families to corrupt blood cleanup companies.

Helping consumers find crime scene cleaners in Orange_Blood is next to impossible. employees intervene and send those grieving families in need of help to crony crime scene cleanup companies in Orange County. Since you reached this page, you will find better prices and great service.

I now use blood cleanup cleanup services to help finance my consumer advocate work for victims' families. It of no use I can see because this form of government corruption, cronyism, spread nationwide. It's just too lucrative for those few bad county and city government employees.

I clean up blood following homicide, suicide, unattended deaths, decomposition, traumatic blood loss incidents and more. I have cleaned biohazard environments for about seven years. I live in Orange and have lived in Cypress for about thirty-five years.

My work is guaranteed. This means that I will clean my best. If for some reason you are not satisfied, I will return and reclean whatever needs to be recleaned.

I also offer ozone treatment for wide area decontamination. I use this machine following large blood loss contamination to reduce or remove the death odor.

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Blood Cleanup and

Blood Cleanup and Homicide

Violent homicides cause us to wonder about the role of intoxication in homicides. Scholarly Psychological studies have shown that confrontation leads to aggressive behavior in some people involved in competitive environments. This "competition paradigm" suggests the formal and informal social control mechanisms present influence the the nature intoxication and violence.

An open area in a public park during dark hours would give the appearance of less social control than the same park in daylight on a holiday. We could expect less violence in the day hours from alcohol induced behavior. As an outcome less violence leads to fewer traumatic injuries and homicides.

We know more about alcohol use and homicide than about drug abuse and homicide. Because alcohol has the status of a regulated drug research related to intoxication and homicide blossoms.

Alcohol use shows a higher incidence of involvement in homicide than other drugs. The availability of alcohol plays some role in its relationship to aggression and homicide.

For family related issues, research shows that violence in families plays a part in contributing to alcohol abuse by women. As they experienced violence related to alcohol in their childhood, they experience violence as adults.

Blood Cleanup

Biohazards may be infected blood or tissue from crime scenes, suicides, and unattended deaths. Such infectious environments must be isolated until all cleaning, disinfecting, and removal is carried out. Extreme hygienic exaggeration should be used by the novice as well as the professional. Always clean biohazardous environments as if cleaning for a toddler's use.

Never remove biohazardous material without wearing gloves. "For cleaning blood or bloody fluids from floors, bed, etc., you can use household rubber gloves." Wear protection over eyes, nose, and mouth. Have a safe means of exit and a place to decontaminate yourself and clothing.

Dried blood that flakes may easily become aerosolized if mishandled. Contact with airborne blood places the cleaner at risk of infectious disease. Hepatitis B may be contracted seven days after its release into the environment. Simply brushing a finger across a table tope and then toughing an eye can cause inoculation with the virus.

Before removing, moisten flaking (scabbing) blood. Cause it not to become airborne. Cover flaked blood with paper towels and lightly mosten with a disinfectant (bleach) from afar. Use a spray bottle while making wide, misting applications to the paper towels' surface. Before removing blood, ensure that it is moist enough not to flake, but not dripping.

Dry paper towels may be used to contain wet blood. Allow towels to dwell until dry. Flush in small quantities, or gently place inside two thick plastic bags. Seal tightly with duct tape. Directly dispose of in a landfill.

Dripping wet blood is considered biohazardous and universally considered infectious until proven otherwise. Contain blood from afar; disinfect it. Pour blood down the sanitary sewer if you are not going to seal it for transfer.

See Blood Cleanup 1, blood cleanup 2

OSHA 1910.1030(d)(1)

General. Using universal precautions will help stop blood or other possibly dangerous stuff from hurting you. (return)

Useful disinfectants may be found here:

Blood Spills: see index at


Household bleach is a wonderful, but very corrosive disinfectant. It is a "midrange disinfectant." Bleach has a wide bacterial killing spectrum. It is inexpensive and found on most market shelves. However, bleach is extremely dangerous in the presence of acids, including urine. Open bleach bottles lose their strength; it loses strength when applied to organic material, like blood and decomposing matter. Bleach must be used cautiously, wisely. (return)

Eddie Evans

Odors - Miasma

I have cleaned throughout California for about eight years. I have cleaned hundreds of death and trauma scenes. I know about odors from death.

Violent deaths usually involve a great loss of blood and tissue, OPIM (Other Potentially Infectious Materials). The loss of blood and tissue, the environmental conditions, and other circumstances will aid in the production of offensive death scene odors, miasma.

Sometimes miasma lingers because of poor ventilation, Sometimes miasma will linger because it has permeated porous materials: fabrics, paper, wood, and more.

We do our best to remove the odors associated with crime scenes and other death scenes. However, removing the source material will not always return the scene to its pre-incident condition for some time. Time and heavy ventilation, and removal of miasma permeated materials will help return the scene to a more "normal" condition.

We can apply chemicals to help increase miasma's departure from the scene, but even chemicals have their limits. Ask about our odor control policies and methods if this is a concern.


Narrative on Trauma and Emotinal Influences - Odors

Emotional trauma may arise with exposure to a violent crime scene, suicide, or human decomposition.

In general, decomposition should be handled professionally because of its tendency to cause emotional trauma; not unlike a violent crime scene.

An unattended death with decomposition demands professional attention because of its horrific nature, its unforeseen hazards, and its emotional issues. Whether a crime scene cleanup, a suicide cleanup, or death by natural causes, a decomposed body will leave an extrodinary amount of fluid, tissue, and damage. Orange County's coroner technicians do their job in every way, but they cannot clean a death scene.

The material left behind has its own odors and appearances. It is difficult to explain the awkward cleaning tasks set by an unattended death.

An unattended death's appearance is usually quite horrifying when first seen by the unsuspecting. The odors associated with a death scene strike one as nauseating. On a crime scene, odors add to the horrific appearance as the two become associated with one another.

For a while, many people recall a death scene whenever a loose association is made to it. A male urinating while standing may associate the urine odor with the death scene. The acrid, acidic odors of urine resemble death scene odors because urine is contained in the death scene fluids. Entering a butcher shop will do the same, both visually and by olfaction.

Parosmia is the result, a distorted peception arising from real, airborne molecules triggering unpleasant memories.

As a psycho-somatic cue for the death scene's trauma inducing responses, the subject may easily recall the traumatic scene with a tightening of muscles and restricted vascular flow. This is in essence the fight-or-flight response of any animal when confronted by a threat, real or imagined.

It becomes obvious that children and others exposed to a death scene created by violence or decomposition may suffer emotionally later, which may be framed as Post Traumatic Stress Syndrone (PTS). Any decomposition death scene has the potential to do the same. Emotional cues are instilled by traumatic scenes, whatever their cause.

Social workers and others involved with victims of crime and other traumatic evens would do well to consider the victims of crime links above.

Besides homicides, suicides, and death by natural causes, any decomposition of the human body requires special consideration, special handling.

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